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All started in our early 20's, twin brothers still in college making tye dyes. We toured the West Coast selling tye dye shirts from the parking lots of shows out the back of our Volkswagen West Phalia. When we weren't trying to make enough for gas to get to the next surf spot you could find us trying to catch some waves. Living the tye dye dream allowed us to opened our first store front in June of 1989 right on the beach road in Kill Devil Hills, NC. It was a little house that just so happened to be commercial property perfect for us. The house ended up getting the nicknamed "The Shack" and believe it or not we are still doing tye dye there to this day. Tye dye was and will always be our passion so we decided why not let everyone in on the fun by helping them make their own. Since then, with thanks to our wonderful customers, we have been able to open up two more locations. 

-Russell & Bryan Lowe


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