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Party Information

Parties are only offered at our Virginia Beach Location
We have 2 options for booking parties

  • onsite- at our shop

  • offsite - we come to your location (limited booking)


$15.00 if we will be providing the shirt 

$10.00 if you will be providing the shirt 

When the party is held at our shop, outside food and drinks are welcome! NO ALCOHOL! You have an hour before the party to arrive and set up. We give you a 2 hour party time frame where we close the shop to the public. After 2 hours you are welcome to still be in the shop but it will be back open to the public.


$25.00 if we will be providing the shirts

$20.00 if you will be providing the shirts

When we come to you we provide all material needed. Tables, dye , aprons, gloves etc.

Sadly we only have tshirts to provide for dying, however, you are always welcome to bring your own items if there something specific you wanted tye dyed! Pricing for all brought-in items will be dependant on size. If you plan on providing your own items, they must be white and 100% cotton for best tye dying results.

We charge per item that is tye dyed which means if someone does 2 items we will charge them for the 2 items. If there is anyone who would like to take part in the fun but does not want to actually dye anything they will not be charged! It is per item.

Call VB Tye Dye It Yourself to Schedule a party

(757) 490-3937

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